Not Mercenaries

As a Sudo member, you will build technology for Sudo's partners ranging from venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley to hundreds of year old Japanese companies.

We are not mercenary contractors. Sourcing partnerships and deals through our extensive network, we make equity investments, form joint ventures, and work on solutions with our partners. We are not a dev shop or a software factory. We are in between a startup studio and a strategic consultancy. We act as co-founders or advisors and always a trusted party to solve hard, interesting problems.

A Sudoer's Screening

  • Do you want to have outsized impact and ownership?
  • Are you interested in working on challenging problems with innovative companies?
  • Tired of being a cog in a machine?
  • Want to exercise your creativity?
  • Do you believe in remote first?

Please check out Our Values and see if they align with yours. If we seem like a good match, please contact us and introduce yourself.

Our Values

High Standards

We are passionate about our work and strive for greatness every day both in our work and in how we treat each other. We diligently track towards goals, aim to exceed expectations, and always look for ways to improve. We don’t strive for perfection, we strive to maximize the impact of our work.


Sudo is the product of all its contributors, not a brainchild of its management. We treat it as our own. We act in the best interest of Sudo and take ownership of our work. Ownership extends to every part of our company.


Our vision is “work happier” and we take that seriously. We encourage each person to take care of their mind and body so that they can bring their best selves to work. We strive to have tough conversations and make tough decisions without being hurtful or judgmental.

Low Ego

Everyone has egos, but when it comes to making decisions, we put those egos aside and think about what would be best for the company and the team. We trust each other to make the right decisions, we support each other in pursuit of our goals, and we learn from our mistakes.

Writing > Talking

We believe that a culture of writing promotes systematic thought and reasoned arguments; while simultaneously fostering operational efficiency and a results-oriented mindset. It removes the influence of the loudest voices in the room and helps us break down silos.


We bring together different skills to create an outcome that is bigger than the sum of its parts. Helping out for the greater good comes naturally to everyone. At the same time, we make sure that collaboration stays efficient and not everyone must be involved at all times.


Being transparent means making relevant information and context easily accessible so everyone can be more efficient and effective. We default to transparency and trust each other to not abuse their access to information.

Perks & Benefits


Product Manager (Focus: Healthcare)

Remote, Worldwide
We are looking for an analytically rigorous and detail-oriented Product Manager who is passionate about simplifying healthcare and excited to work cross functionality to tackle a variety of product and data initiatives.

Full Stack Engineer

Remote, Worldwide
We are looking for Full Stack Software Engineers to help build the most interesting products on the web. Preferred tech stack is React or similar for the front end, and Ruby on Rails or similar for the backend. Exact language and framework matter less than architecture and engineering approach.