We build and grow together

To our partners, we bring deep expertise in all aspects of building, growing, and expanding technology companies.

Entera# realstate

Augmenting real estate investing platform company's existing technology leadership. Architecting and implementing data strategy and pipeline for real estate and financial data. Product leadership for internal analytics dashboards and tools, deal flow dashboards, and other areas.

omella# marketplace

Partnership with experienced founders with their new venture: building an efficient payment platform for membership organizations. Developed the web application and payment features from the ground up.

alco# logistics

Built a prototype 360 degree video capture backpack + streaming & encoding service to enable remote viewing of immersive experiences in virtual reality.

Ishida# healthcare

Partnered with large, multinational device manufacturer to refactor on-premise device to Internet of Things (IoT). Reworked hardware, built firmware from the ground up, and built management software. Designed and built on-device user interface, wireless/remote connectivity.

toilabs# healthcare

Helped build data processing pipeline and analysis tools, machine learning training dashboard. Advised on fundraising strategy. Advised on firmware and hardware matters.



Product strategy, go to market help/input, and leading technical team to build MVP for rapid iteration and experimentation. Platform connects patients with healthcare providers to help them overcome opioid dependency, while helping providers connect more directly with patients and run an online-first practice.

Ishida VitalLogger

Equity partnership with large, multi-generational Japan-based device manufacturer to enter U.S. market. Responsibilities include strategic advisory to CEO, facilitation of FDA approvals, partner introductions, and technical integration.


Startup to acquisition: formed company, raised $2mm in venture capital, completed 500 Startups incubator program, acquired by large tech company. Product included human-in-loop machine learning system built to ingest and train submissions from thousands of users. Extracted metadata from submissions and returned relevant, recent notifications back to users.


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