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Why Is Urine Output Measurement So Important And A Paintpoint in hospitals?

In hospital settings, low urine output for patients can indicate kidney injury, one early sign of a shock. In the meantime, excessive urine output is a major sign of diabetes mellitus. Early recognition and treatment for abnormal urine output will be life saving.


Absense of urine output measurement systems lead to delay in shock analysis and intervention of potential kidney failure. It also results in higher mortaility rate in the hospital.


Current way of urinary measurement system is:
1. Time consuming to keep urine log
2. Inaccurate and easily neglected


Not having timely and accurate measurement data to provide appropriate diagnosis and treament in time.

Acute Kidney Injury


ICU incident

Hospital Mortality Rates

Severe Sepsis


ICU incident

Hospital Mortality Rates

Cardiogenic Shock


ICU incident

Hospital Mortality Rates

Product Mission

UroChecker is designed to improve patient care quality by reducing workload for nurses and helping doctors make timely diagnoses.



Delivered scalable and HIPAA compliant VitalLogger platform for the US market
First hospital trial for UroLogger
Automated the process of creating hospital cloud environment to onboard hospitals to VitalLogger cloud platform
First hospital trial for UroChecker
Deliver prototype for VitalLogger
Feature complete for UroLogger


Usability study to improve the user experience for UroChecker
Product iterations process for continuous improvement on product functionality, quality, and usability
Delivered UroLogger prototype for the Japanese market


Delivered UroChecker prototype for the Japanese market



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